Inka Consulting provides, program and project management consulting and investment advisory services to public and private sector clients. We offer a full range of consulting services to align strategies, improve operations and efficiency, and empower people.

We believe in always doing the right thing for our clients – delivering pragmatic solutions to achieve leadership priorities and public policy objectives.

Our team brings more than 40 years combined experience and shares a common passion for Africa’s development. The team has transactional, business management, entrepreneurship, advisory and leadership experience, having worked in leading public and private sector organizations.

The logo is called a “dwennimmem” and is a symbol from the Akan people of Ghana. It represents the graceful and magnificent ram horns, which signify the necessary balance between strength and humility; We believe that virtues of talents, skills and knowledge, are not enough to ensure success, but the creative use of these skills combined with the strength in mind, body, and soul. It is the learning and wisdom that comes with time that enables a person to exceed their normal capabilities and excel in their endeavors.